The eyes are the tunnels to the mind, body & spirit, strengthen them .

Created for those on the life journey of self-development and wellness.

The best gift ever, a gift that keeps on giving. 
When you can’t be there, empower don’t enable.

Eye Munchies- The support that travels!

One kind gesture, can heal the wounds of many.

The Journey......

Healing and developing oneself is a journey. A journey that begins with the person that wants to heal and develop. For one to achieve mental improvement, they have to do it for themselves. Mastering your mind and having control over your own actions and reactions takes effort.  

So, What is an EyeMunchie?

An eye Munchie is a book or tool created for those on the life journey of self-development, self-help, self-help, and wellness. Books are here to provide information support and education to a person that wishes to overcome trauma and build resiliency. Receive or send one now. 


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Every product is uniquely and specifically chosen based on category and additional information provided by the purchaser. All products are new or gently read to ensure the perfect fit and that product is worth the read. EyeMunchies focus on wellness, self-care, and a lifelong journey of self-development.

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